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So I’ve Been Thinking…

We all know that’s a bad sign but bear with me! This post may be all
over the place! So we had transfers this past week and we got to go
the transfer meeting even though we weren’t getting transferred
because we had to collect iPads and reassign phones and what not.
Anyways. So in our mission we are notified if we are being transferred
the day before this transfer meeting. If we are being transferred we
go to this meeting in a central location and they announce where are
new area is going to be and who are new companion is. After that the
Missionaries going home give a departing testimony.

This past transfer meeting was the first one that has been difficult
for me to attend and I wasn’t even being transferred! It was difficult
because majority of the missionaries going home were missionaries I
had either served with as a companion or in the same ward or became
very close to them through various other things. It was pretty
nostalgic for me. It was hard to see so many missionaries that I am
used to seeing often and look up to a lot go home.

I realized that all of the transfers between now and when I go home
will be like this. The August transfer all the sisters I came out with
go home, marking my 18 month mark. (SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!) The
September/October Transfer Elder Wright (My trainer) goes home along
with tons of other missionaries I have come to love. 2 Transfers after
that, Elder Boaz and again others go home. AFTER THAT I GO HOME. These
thoughts have caused me to think and kind of evaluate my time that
I’ve spent here thus far and how I want to change and improve. My
biggest fear is to go home with nothing about me changed for the
better. THIS TERRIFIES ME. I don’t want to be the old me. It seems
like when you go on a mission ALL of your imperfections float to the
surface. It can be pretty over whelming at times, ,seeing all these
things you want to and need to change. Heaven knows there are a lot of
things. This reflection has helped me evaluate my progress and make
goals on how to be better! Not only to become the person I want to be
but more importantly become the person our Heavenly Father wants me to
be, because ultimately who our Heavenly Father wants us to be will be
the person we ourselves will be the most happy being.

Going along with this, one of the things I have been striving to work
on is loving everyone we come in contact with, with the same love
Christ and our Father in Heaven has for them. I have seen this develop
in small ways. Whether it be, being more aware of ways to serve
everyone around us or having that sincere desire to teach people the
gospel because you KNOW it will make them happy. Though this has been
a goal of mine for some time, I felt like I was not succeeding at
having Christ-like love for others. Last night and over the past week
I have noticed the difference in the love and compassion I have to
people I talk to. Last night we were talking with a gentleman, we have
talk with him a few times before, just briefly, but he was like “I
need to be honest guys, you are great young men but I feel like you
are wasting your time with me. I have TONS of things going on and I
feel like you would be better off teaching helping someone else.” He
is such a sincere man, all he wants in life is whats best for his
family. We tried explaining to him that it would not be a waste of
time, that ever soul is great in the sight of God. But he felt like he
was beyond what we could do to help him no matter what we said. It was
heart-breaking. I wanted to do whatever it takes to help him! Even if
it took the next 200 years! I loved this man while knowing nothing
about him except for he has a family and his name. I love him because
Christ loves him. When we sincerely seek and ask for help to have that
desire to have Christ-like love in our lives, it WILL be given us.
Love needs to be the motivating factor behind EVERYTHING we do.
One other thing I have been working on is not saying “can’t”. Whether
I am saying “I can’t go talk to that person.” or “They can’t do that.”
When we say we or someone else can’t do something, WE ARE DENYING THEM
gospel of change! He didn’t suffer in the garden and die on the cross,
so you could say you can’t do something. He suffered and died so you
could say “YOU CAN!” Through him we can do anything! When we are
obedient to Him and his teachings our mindset changes from “I can’t”
or “They can’t” to “How CAN I…” or “How CAN they..” The Atonement
enables us. With God we can do all things He has commanded of us. He
has commanded us to share His gospel. So I CAN go talk to that person.

“For perfect love casteth out all fear.” -Moroni 8:16

Look there is that love again!

I am grateful for the chance I have to learn and grow in the Lord! I
know that when we trust in Him we can do all things! I love this
restored gospel. I love the peace and direction it gives us. I know
that God’s plan is perfect. I love the Book of Mormon. There is power
in its words! I love you all! I am grateful for all your love and

Elder Parker Tyler | Ohio Columbus Mission | 2014-2016


Shout Out to Elder Peterson… I guess he is McKade now… Weird. We will always have Kenton. 😉
Shout out to Elder Williams, err Watson… (He’s the one in the front, by me!) He is also home now too!
This is what’s happening outside my window right now… THESE GEESE ARE EVERYWHERE! And always in the road… -_- *sigh*
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