Transferred To The Land Of Powell

HELLO EVERYONE! I have been transferred to the area where I served in the first week of my mission, when I was with the assistants! I am in Powell! No I’m not an assistant, they moved the assistant area, but it is so I can be closer to the mission home and the mission office! (They are in the ward boundaries.) Elder Boaz was transferred as well to Chillicothe, OH! The Zone Leaders and I switched places! iPads are going good! Friday we set up ours and the assistants iPads and we have been using them ever since! Last week I learned all about what my new assignment as a Technology Specialist entails! Haha we are like the second set of assistants almost! They are rolling the iPads out in phases so initially when we get the iPads we will not being using Facebook yet. The first phase we will just be using them for studying and teaching, second phase is moving all of the area information and our planning online. After we do that we will then being using the iPads as a proselyting tool! This could take months it could take weeks, it all depends on how fast our mission moves threw the various steps associated with each phase! You will be able to see my page and friend me I will give my details on that when we cross that bridge. I am not District Leader anymore. That would be way too much to handle! Powell is a lot like a wooded South Jordan, with big houses and such! Our apartment is like any plain old apartment! We are on the top floor and the view from the window by my desk consists of the Target across the street! My new companion is Elder Caldwell from Ogden, UT! Since we have been here we have not been able to teach anyone yet. The one appointment we did have rescheduled to today and then rescheduled again to Thursday! So we shall see about that! We hope to meet the rest of the investigators this week plus with rolling out the iPads this week and Mini Missions coming up next week it’s going to keep us be busy! Which is good! Yesterday we had another music fireside. And anything and everything that could go wrong during it, did! First the videos started playing without sound, then during one of the musical numbers one of the mic’s died and then the projector decided it didn’t want to connect to the computer anymore! Haha but overall it went well! Other than that not too much has happened! I am still in the same zone as I was in Worthington so that’s pretty funny too! I love you all and I am glad everyone is well! Thank you for all the support you give me!

-Elder Parker Tyler
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