Change in the Air!

Sorry this is 2 posts in one, one from last week and one from this week! SORRY!!
What a week! It has been a difficult one that is for sure! But hey! That is how it goes some times! A few things before I forget! Feb 11th 2016 is my official release date. And I had my follow up appointment today and everything looks good, but they want to do a follow-up x-ray in 6 months to make sure nothing else happens! I think I passed my stone on Tuesday? or Wednesday?? I don’t remember but I didn’t even feel it! I almost flushed it! haha it was about 3mm big. So it wasn’t too bad. The doctor said it was made of Calcium. OH AND I JUST WAS CALLED TO BE A DISTRICT LEADER!!!! AHHHHH!!!!! YIKES! It is definitely going to be a growing experience I am excited and nervous for it! I just want to serve those in my district the best that I can and do what is best for them!

Also during transfer weeks you can send things to the mission office and they will forward it to the correct spot, even packages! As long as it is shipped USPS. But I do not know if I am being transferred yet! Just that I am becoming a District Leader! The cold hasn’t actually been too bad! Its kind of funny because the last few days have been in the high 20’s- low 30’s and it has felt WARM! The best thing about my mission so far is how much I have grown to love the Book of Mormon. It truly is the word of God. It is an amazing book and I just LOVE IT! Nope no word about getting iPads, every time they give us a date they push it back so they’ve (President) stopped telling us until it actually happens. Another Elder in the mission and I have been made unofficial tech missionaries though, President has ask that him and I go to every Musical Fireside to set everything up and take it all down, ie the projector mac etc. and he has us run it all during the firesides, as well has he has us do it for Zone Conferences and other meetings. So that has been kind of cool! My Goal for this week is to survive! And now to seek out guidance from our Heavenly Father about how I can be the best leader I can be and how I can best serve my district! Its an exciting change that is for sure! I love you all and I miss you loads!

Elder Parker Tyler | Ohio Columbus Mission | 2014-2016
Holy cow! So many people getting married! Wait wait wait! SYDNI IS GETTING MARRIED?!?! Wow! Thats awesome! I can’t believe it has been a year! It is SOOO crazy to think about! March 11th is my official one year mark!!! TIME HAS FLOWN BY LIKE CRAZY!!! Today we had Choir practice and I had to drive through my first area to get to it and it was crazy to see and think back on how I was there a year ago! A lot of it has changed in just a year! Time is sure flyin’!

My new companion! His name is Elder Boaz! He lived in Springedale, Arkansas before he came out but he is originally from the Marshall Islands! He is awesome! I love him a lot already! He is that super chill, laid back, Polynesian style I became so accustomed too! Love it! He has been out for 14 months, he came out the December before I did! My goal for this week is to get through it! haha! Nah just to successfully teach District Meeting! I have NO IDEA what to teach it on! So I am praying pretty hard for some guidance! We got a lot of snow last week! But it has been in the high 40’s the past few days (#HeatWave #ShortSleeveWeather!) so most of it has melted! and it is supposed to be in the 50’s this week so that is going to be SOOO nice! We are also going to the Temple on Thursday! I am SOOO excited! It will be great! We still share a car with the Dublin Elders, Elder Clark (Found out he is my 7th Cousin! He comes from the Gillette family! Yes the Tooele Gillettes!) and Elder Taggart (He is from Tooele!) So both good Elders! Being District Leader has been good so far! I now collect numbers Sunday evenings, and I teach District Meetings on Wednesday and I conduct exchanges with every elder in the District, (Our district consists of the Dublin and Worthington Wards) and I assist and serve the members of my district in any other way I can! I also conduct Baptismal interviews! Its pretty scary because we literally sit as Judges of Israel! The best thing about last week was probably transfers, I love being able to see all the missionaries I used to work with! OH SPEAKING OF TRANSFERS! Elder Peterson and Elder Wright got put as companions again! (They were companions before Elder Wright was with me.) They are Zone Leaders in Huber Heights! So lucky! I wish they were my Zone Leaders! But that’s okay! We’ve got some pretty good ones here too! I can’t think of anything else I need We are doing pretty good! I did get my garments and they fit great! Thank you much! Things are going well! I love you all so much and I pray all is going well!

Elder Parker Tyler | Ohio Columbus Mission | 2014-2016