The Power of the Book of Mormon!

Hello everyone! I hope everyone has had an amazing week! Things here are going slow but I just love the members here!, they are awesome! They are all so willing to help us, whether by feeding us or letting us teach lessons to them or going to lessons with us! So that has been a big help! THE WEATHER HERE HAS BEEN SO RANDOM! I thought Utah’s weather was random but holy heavens it is nothing compared to here! I took a picture a few days ago of it snowing with BLUE SKY! Not just a little blue sky practically ALL blue sky! And one day it will be in the 40’s and the next day it will be in the 20’s plus wind chill! Just SOOOO Random!

Snowing with Blue Sky!


So Taiya err… Sister Cheney recently challenged me (I know she asked it in her mass email but she asked me directly too) to read the Book of Mormon with her before she returns home from her mission. At that point I had realized I had been getting out of habit so I decided to do it. I have loved doing that and but I realized I wanted to get more out of it and I wasn’t sure how. WELL! This past week in Zone Training Meeting they announced that as a mission we have been invited to read the Book of Mormon and finish by April 20th. BUT that we are to also pick one of the 2 options (See Photo) and mark the copy of Book of Mormon they gave us in one of those 2 ways! Well I didn’t want to start over because of the momentum I had with reading it because of Taiya’s Challenge. I am now in Mosiah 24 and I have NEVER gotten that far by myself! So it was big for me! And SO I decided to start over marking one way and keeping going where I am at in Mosaih and to start over and read with the mission and mark in the other way!! So I am reading twice a day at least 7 pages from the Book of Mormon for a total of 14 pages a day. And it literally has been the best thing for me! I have never loved the Book of Mormon more and I know now more than ever, the truthfulness it teaches. I always knew it was true but never fully understood the impact it could have on my life by reading it daily! Even though things may be difficult or get difficult I seem to carry on with a more cheerful attitude regardless of the situation! It is truly an amazing thing! I love it! I invite all of you to pick one of the ways and try it as you read! It has definitely helped me a lot! Well I love you a lot and I miss you even more and I know that as you take to time to read the Book of Mormon more in your life it will DEFINITELY help you grow closer to the savior!

Ohio Columbus Mission Book of Mormon Challenge 2015
Elder Parker Tyler | Ohio Columbus Mission | 2014-2016
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