All About That Missionary Flow!

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is well! I just copied the letter I sent my family this week! Because I am short on time because we had Choir practice for an upcoming missionary fireside! Love you all!


Wait wait wait! JaNessa and Landon GOT MARRIED?!?! WHY DON’T PEOPLE TELL ME THESE THINGS?!?! THAT IS SOOO AWESOME! I am so excited for Makayla and Jordan! Wait Rhett has less that 2 weeks?!?! WHY AM I NOT GETTING WEDDING INVITES! CARLOS AND SARAH HAVE BEEN THE ONLY ONES! Well That will be really good! Dad told me about Sam a while ago. But thank you for the update! Glad someone is keeping me updated on them because heaven knows they suck at doing it themselves… Except Kacy… She is getting better! JAAAYYY KAYYY LOVE YOU ALL!!!! But seriously tho… I hope they get rain soon!

Sherry is doing good! We FINALLY had our first lesson with her this week! We invited her to Read and Pray about the Book of Mormon and She accepted and she said she would be baptized when she came to know of truth of the things we shared with her! Elder Gardner is doing awesome! He is a very good missionary! This week we helped out Brother Horstmeier! He is a member from Germany and he is a temple sealer! Such an awesome and very good man! Love him! After we helped him, He and his wife took us to lunch! It was very nice of them! I am still just amazed to see the my love for the Book of Mormon grow. Before more my mission and even during the beginning of it I was always really miffed when someone started talking about how great the Book of Mormon was because I was just like “So what?! Its just another book of scripture!” Boy was I so wrong. But now as I have gained that desire to read it I have began to see the greatness of it! I love learning the stories and the principles being taught in the story! My overall love for the Savior has grown so much! AHHH I just love it all! And each time I learn something new, whether it be a basic principle or a detail of a specific doctrine I just love how it ALL fits together in the Plan of Salvation! ALL OF IT! EVERY SINGLE THING WE DO IN THIS CHURCH CAN BE BACKED UP WITH THE SCRIPTURES!! It just so awesome!
The best part of the week was being able to go on exchanges with Elder Peterson and learning from him! That was also the hardest part of the week because we went to their meal appointment that night and it was with the Spanish Missionaries and a family that only spoke Spanish! So I was the ONLY one who did not speak it in conversational terms. Elder Peterson was a Spanish missionary for a while so he speaks it too! I was surprised at how well I followed the conversation and how much I understood, but I just didn’t have to vocabulary to add to the conversation! So that was good! We had our Zone activity last week and we had a Ping Pong/ Fusball/ and Pool tournament at the Institute last Monday! Best thing I ate that is a hard one! But I did love the food we ate on the exchange! Mexican Tortas! SOOO GOOD! It is a Mexican sandwich! Yummy! Tuesday was a normal day! Full of walkin’ talkin’ and teachin’! That is when we also taught Sherry! The BoM Challenge is good! I have gotten a little behind because its a lot of reading and it has been pretty busy the last few days but nothing I can’t catch on with some effort! So my hump day… I don’t know when it is exactly! Good question! Because my Ecclesiastical license expires on February 11th 2016! But I came out March 11th 2014! Soooo I assume I go home the Feb buuuut I don’t know! Ask Bro Miller (Shawn Miller’s dad) if he can look up my release date maybe?!? Oh whale! HOLY CRAP HAS IT REALLY BEEN ALMOST A YEAR!?!?! It feels like I have been out FOREVER but it also feels like time has flown by sooo fast and that I have done so much in just this years time! That’s why it feels like forever! That crazy missionary paradigm shift! Days feel like weeks and weeks feel like days! Anyways! I love you all and I miss you all tons!