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Happy New Year!!

Hello everyone! I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and that everyone was able to celebrate the birth of our Savior! Christmas was good! I loved being able to talk to my family.

We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas taking goodies that we made to Members, Less Actives and Investigators! That was a lot of fun!
So Funny Story Time!
In our area we have this bike bridge that is like super steep and rainbow shaped that goes over the the freeway, after the first time we went over it my companion Elder Gardner turns to me after we go over it and is like “I will NEVER walk over that bridge. NEVER!!” haha so the very next time we go over I get to the other side and I turn around to see where he is and what do I see?! I see him WALKING over the bridge! So he finally gets to the other side and I am like “What Happened?!” and all he does is hold up this long chain. Well his bike chain broke off his brand new bike! The bike hadn’t even gone 8 miles! (I have a bike computer I counted!) Moral of the story be careful what you say because sometimes God has a sense of humor! But fear not because He got a new chain put on his bike from the bike shop he bought the bike from!
Also this past Sunday we taught Gospel Principles, and it was about the Sabbath Day. I learned so much from preparing this lesson! When the Sabbath is called “The Day of Rest” it is not referring to napping alllllll day and eating and napping some more! We are supposed to rest from our daily activities and bless others lives! “The Sabbath was made for man, and not man for the Sabbath” (Mark 2:27) Meaning “The purpose of the Sabbath is to give us a certain day of the week on which to direct our thoughts and actions toward God. It is not a day merely to rest from work. It is a sacred day to be spent in worship and reverence. As we rest from our usual daily activities, our minds are freed to ponder spiritual matters. On this day we should renew our covenants with the Lord and feed our souls on the things of the Spirit.” (Gospel Principles Manual)
I have never thought about it in this way before, there are SOOO many things that we can do on the Sabbath to spiritually better ourselves. Someone in the class made the comment that some Sundays they are exhausted at the end of them but at the same time they are re-energized to go and do the things they need to do the rest of the week! And it is so true! Even for a missionary! At times I am exhausted on Sundays but I look forward to them because of the Spirit that is with you when you keep the Sabbath Day holy! Now I am not saying it is bad to take naps on Sunday because Sunday naps are the best! But don’t sleep the whole day away, because then you have wasted a great opportunity to grow closer to your Savior!
I am grateful for this gospel and the joy it brings me! I love this work and I wouldn’t be anywhere else. I love you all and wish you the the best and a safe New Year! I love you!!!
My baby boy broke his new bike. 🙁 lol
Elder Parker Tyler | Ohio Columbus Mission | 2014-2016
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Merry Christmas!!! And ITS A BOY!!

So recap time! I have been transferred and I am Training a brand new baby boy, weighing 160 lbs and 69 inches long! His name is Elder Gardner and he comes from Idaho Falls, Idaho (duh)! He has been a member of the church for a little less than 2 years! He is awesome! And he is practically training me! We have been doubled in to the Worthington 3 area! (I am always serving in the 3rd area! Weird!) The ward is AWESOME! We get fed almost every night which has NEVER happened to me before! Its awesome! A lot of grad and medical students at OSU, so a lot of the ward is like 1-3 years older than me! lol its weird! But its been awesome! Yesterday we had a Christmas devotional! That was a lot of fun! We invited members, investigators, everyone to come and the missionaries had a choir and and small groups singing and a program and the mission president spoke! The spirit was awesome! During the devotional they showed the new Piano Guys video with David Archuleta and Peter Hollins! It was so awesome to see all these people come together to #ShareTheGift! If you haven’t seen it go watch it now!

It is amazing! I love you all and I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!

Elder Parker Tyler | Ohio Columbus Mission | 2014-2016

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I Am Being Transferred!

Just a heads up! I am being transferred AND training a new missionary! Bless that missionary’s soul! I sure hope he has a lot of patience because we both are going to be brand new to the area! It is going to be a great learning experience, and I am going to miss the Springfield ward so much! Love you all!

Elder Parker Tyler | Ohio Columbus Mission | 2014-2016

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Now before you all wet yourself that is just mission lingo for I am going to be training this next transfer! SO the next time you hear from me I am going to have a brand new baby boy! bahahaha! ITS A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE! I don’t know if I am staying in Urbana or not but I just know I am training! It has been a good week! We also had a baptism this week! That was really cool to experience! It is amazing to watch the physical change in people when they are baptized and promise to follow our savior. I just love this work! I want you all to know that! This isn’t something that was made up! It is real! I love you all and I hope everything is well!

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I invite you to #ShareTheGift!

Hello everyone! I know it has been a while since I posted, but time to change that! I hope everyone is well! This past week The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints released a video called “He is the Gift”! On Tuesday us missionaries had a special training to help us prepare for this video and initiative behind it so that we can help members of the church, Share the Gift of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and all he has done for us! Now before reading I invite you to watch the video, even if you have watched it already watch it again! As you do pay attention to the spirit and how you feel about the video! It wont take long! I’ll wait…

AWESOME! Thank you for watching it! Now I want to you to think about the thoughts and impressions you had during the video. Did the Spirit testify to you that it was true? Did you think of someone you wanted to share it with? There were 3 points that were mentioned at the end of the video:

  • Discover The Gift
  • Embrace The Gift
  • Share The Gift

I would like to quickly hit on these 3 points.

Discover The Gift

As we have gained a testimony of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ we have discovered the gift. We have sought to know if the things our parents, family, friends, or the missionaries have taught us are true. We have a desire to find out who Jesus Christ is and what he has done for us!

Embrace The Gift

We have embraced the gift and continue to embrace it by becoming baptized and renewing the covenants of baptism by partaking of the sacrament. We have seen what a blessing following the example of Jesus Christ has been to us. We have felt His comfort. We have felt His guidance and we know we can continue to follow him.


Share The Gift

We have all heard over and over and over again that once we obtain the word we must share it. But why? Is it so we can get more members in our church? Is so we can get more people to believe what we believe? No it is because we have the full truth. We have all the teachings from all the different prophets and apostles throughout the times back together in the full complete thing! Think of it this way: Imagine you are by yourself looking at the most beautiful sunset you have ever seen! Imagine how happy it makes you! It makes you so happy that you want to share it! So what do you do? You take a picture of it and share it with all your family and friends! The gospel should be the same way! The gospel is that sunset! Now I am not saying go out and shove the gospel down all your friends throats and demanding they join the church, that’s not how it works. Help them find out for themselves the truth of the message and what Jesus Christ has done for all of us. Start by sharing this video with your friends, however you choose to do that! Post it on Facebook with your testimony! Or say to them, “Hey I just saw this video and it reminded me what Christmas is really about, you should check it out!” There are many simple ways to share! Pray and ask your Father in Heaven how you can share this with those who need to hear it! I know he will help you accomplish this! I love you all and I miss you all and I wish you all the best! I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ Amen!


Quick Update

So here is a quick update on how I am doing! Things are going well! Transfers is next week and THIS SATURDAY between the 3 companionships of missionaries in the ward there are going to be FOUR BAPTISMS! FOUR! FOUR people have discovered that gift and are going to embrace it! HOW AWESOME IS THAT! SOO COOL! Anyways gotta run! I love you all and I hope its everything is well with y’all!


Zone Picture!

Dayton East 1 Zone!

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