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The best part of the week was our wards Halloween party! It was a trunk or treat and chili cook off! We were expecting to get 2 investigators there but 3 came! One of the members in the ward invited and gave one of our investigators a ride all on there own! It was so cool to see the member reach out on their own!

SO yesterday I tried something different that I have never really done, for fast and testimony meeting! I paid extra attention to the testimonies and listened for the little simple truths people spoke of and I paid extra attention to how I felt as people spoke those truths! The spirit truly does testify of truth wherever it is found! It was so cool to see the spirit come and go as people spoke truth! It was awesome to see that!

Also I want to share an experience with you that we actually had a few weeks ago. So 3 or so weeks ago we had a couple walk into church and attend all 3 hours of church. During Sunday School the teacher asked them what brought them to church, if they were members from another ward or if the missionaries had been teaching them etc. Well come to find out the girl in the couple had been following the SHAYTARDS on YouTube. (The SHAYTARDS are a family who are members of the church and they post a vlog everyday about their family life.) Anyways so girl had been following them on YouTube for 4 years and one day decided she wanted to find out why they are so happy and what being “Mormon” is all about and so she looked up the nearest church and come to find out it was ours and they attended church that very next day. THEY ARE NOW SCHEDULED TO BE BAPTIZED IN THE NEXT FEW WEEKS! All because of the example of one family on social media. If you think what you say on the internet doesn’t affect people, you are wrong. People look at our example of how we live our lives and act on social media. You truly can use the social media for good and bless those around you! This is one example on how we can show the word we are for good and how we can be an example and show them the true love of Christ! I love you all and I miss you all terribly! I hope everyone is well!

I ordered some Portuguese name tags! 😀

Elder Parker Tyler | Ohio Columbus Mission | 2014-2016


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