Week 25

Mom is doing the post this week.  This is the email he sent to us.  He didn’t have time to update his blog so I decided to do it for him.
(I had to finish this today because I didn’t get a chance to finish yesterday!)

Hello Family!

Yeah we (Parker and Sister Abbie McIntyre from Stansbury Park are both serving in the mission and their mutual friend Sister Kendal Levine was hit by a car on Friday while serving her mission in Australia)  have been keeping each other updated on Kendal, I had heard from her about the football game part. ( At the Stansbury football game on Friday night they did a pass the bucket thing and raised 1200 for Kendal) We sent out a voicemail to the mission about that so our mission has her in our prayers! Yeah we MAYBE have 10 stakes in Ohio, (I  told him we had a regional conference and 68 Stakes were involved from the Salt Lake and Tooele area)  We only have 5 stakes in our mission that covers most of Ohio! But That is awesome you had regional conference! I should be good for now on subway cards, I still have barely used the one you gave me, Grandma Gail had stocked me up on them too! We only have fast food chains in our area, OH! AND Chipotle! That place is pretty good! The Gibson’s are good! They have a baptismal interview in a bit that we have to run off too (They Passed!), but they are scheduled to get baptized this Saturday! We haven’t seen Elmer this week because he was helping his dad when we stopped by! And the guy who asked about MoTab doesn’t live in my area he actually lives in the other mission. Elder Peterson and I are doing good! We are definitely great friends which is good! We actually didn’t do a lot of service this week the food pantry we actually serve at changed their hours and so we can’t go as regularly. But we are trying to think of other ways to serve, the members and other things! I have been learning this week a lot about the influence we have on people around us, while we were at the fair EVERYONE was watching us because of the way we were dressed it was just interesting to see that!  Breakfast is good, we had it with them today, nothing too exciting happened. Best part of the week was honestly our Zone Activity yesterday (We played capture the flag, football and Ultimate frisbee!) because it was a big stress reliever! The hardest part of the week was not finding new investigators as well as hearing about Kendal, but we are praying for her recovery! OH! I found out yesterday that one of the Sisters in my Zone, worked with me a the PCC! Thought that was pretty funny! anyways! I love you all and you are in my prayers daily! LOVE YOUUUU!!!!

Elder Parker Tyler | Ohio Columbus Mission | 2014-2016
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