Ohio Caverns and more!

This week has been a good one! I would say the best part of it was going to the Morrow County fair on exchanges as well as going to the Ohio Caverns with our investigator Mike!! That was a lot fun! haha We went fair contacting and handed out pass-along cards and that was really good! We met this guy who stopped us and asked us a lot about the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and when they perform and such! THE BEST PART was having the Gibson’s (The Part member family with the 2 daughters who are getting baptized) at church and they brought 2 friends! That was way cool! The hardest part of this week has been to find new people to teach! We hope to start working with those 2 friends that the Gibson’s brought! I did get the package thank you for it! 🙂 The sucker was super funny! I laughed! haha! While I was on exchanges we worked on a Habitat for Humanity house painting! That was a lot of fun! I have always enjoyed painting! We also helped Elmer dig a trench! (MY FAVORITE!!! 😉 ) haha no it was good! We also last night talked with one of the recent Amish converts (They call themselves Mormish haha!) But any way we talked with him on how it would be best to go about sharing the gospel with Elmer and he gave us a lot of good feedback that we are going to try. We have to take it super super slow to avoid him being shunned! Its scary stuff! The weather is about as random as Utah. One day it will be hot and humid the next blue skies and perfect, the next raining! Or sometimes we will get all three in one day! Most of our dinner appointments are spur of the moment things! Which is nice, because I don’t have to cook as much as I did in my last area! but They are pretty random! Last Tuesdays breakfast went awesome, we met more of the Pastors of the town. there is only one pastor (who doesn’t attend the breakfast) that teaches anti-mormon stuff. We have come in contact with a few of the members of his congregation and they have pulled out anti mormon material. But all the other religious leaders in town like us and think it is shallow to do that. That has been our goal with attending these breakfasts is to make peace and create friendships so they don’t go back to their congregations and spread lies and false information. My companion is doing good! I did part of his laundry for him and of course cooked for him! This week has been pretty good! I definitely see lots of room for improvement but It was good! 🙂

Here is Us in the Ohio Caverns with Mike!

Elder Parker Tyler | Ohio Columbus Mission | 2014-2016

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