#ShareGoodness And A Few More Super Cool Things I Forgot!

Okay so our Mission President showed us the movie trailer for this movie the church is putting out called "Meet The Mormons" He also invited us to share it with our family and friends and have you guys share it with your family and friends, THIS IS GOING TO BE IN THEATERS! Its not a normal Mormon Message like the church does! Along with these lines of using social media to share our beliefs with others I also strongly suggest you watch the Education week talk given this past week by Elder Bednar! He goes into great detail about how we can share our beliefs with all our family and friends in creative ways as well as using the internet for good! Those of you who were my Facebook friends/ Twitter Followers, know that this is what I tried to do with my accounts, to try and bring a ray of sunshine and light a midst all the pointless drama of the world! I encourage you all to do the same! Also! In September we find out when we will be getting our iPads! (Oh Happy Day!) and when we do we are become a Facebook mission and I will be once again trying to use the internet for good! Anyways I love you all and I look forward to hearing about the amazing things that happen when you share the Gospel with those you know and love!

Elder Parker Tyler | Ohio Columbus Mission | 2014-2016

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