Tender Mercies!

What a week! Things have been good in the hood! (Straight up that’s where I am at yo!)

So last week I was getting frustrated with myself because I was not progressing, or at least I thought! I felt like I wasn’t getting better at teaching and I was getting frustrated that I couldn’t recall scriptures and it was just frustrating! It it amazing how fast the Lord can work! As if to be overnight I could see how far I really had come and I started to recall things and scriptures and it was amazing! In a way it was like the Lord was saying to me, "You can do this! You are doing well! Be patient with yourself! It takes time!" The Lord will never forsake us, We need to show and take steps of faith and he will uphold us!

Another tender mercy that was just amazing was yesterday I was on an exchange with a Spanish Elder (For all those of you that forgot, I am in the English Speaking mission!) and we went to read the Book of Mormon IN SPANISH with a less active member. I was freaking out because I could not remember ANY of the little Spanish I knew. So I prayed my heart out! That I would not totally bomb reading. AND AGAIN! The Lord provided a way for me to not fail! I was able to read, not perfectly but my knowledge of Spanish and Portuguese was brought to my remembrance through the spirit! That is why studying the gospel and the scriptures is so so soo important! Because the Spirit relies on that foundation of knowledge so it can bring it to our remembrance! It was an amazing experience!

I love you all so much I am glad everything is going well with everyone at home! You are all in my prayers daily! Go talk to someone this week about the gospel! Share just a principle about it! No matter the persons faith it will uplift that person you are sharing it with! The Lord WILL bless you for it!

Elder Parker Tyler | Ohio Columbus Mission | 2014-2016

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