Dog Wrestling and Transferred!

Oh my flip what an interesting week! Just wow! So many crazy things happened! It sounds like everyone is doing well so I will just cut right to the chase! I don’t have a lot spiritually uplifting stuff to share this week but just hold on to your hats children!

Monday! So not even last week! The we were on an exchange with the zone leaders so I had Elder Patch with me, anyways, so last week we pull up to this lady’s house because we have an appointment with her and her daughter is pounding on the door of the house, so we walk up and she says that the younger kids have locked her out and then she walks off and into her house which is right next door! So Elder Patch, a member we are with, and myself just kind of stand there for a bit and we see this 19 year old girl walking her dog (It was like a yorkie or something small like that) down the street so we start talking to her, and then one of kids from the house we are at opens the door finally except the pit bull bolts past us and toward this dog and starts attacking this girls dog. The girl tries to hold her dog away from this pit bull but then the pit bull starts biting her trying to get to the other dog. So I am trying to grab this dogs collar and throw the pit bull off of her so it will stop and I finally grab its collar and pin it to the ground. After I have the this dog pinned to the ground the yorkie gets out of its leash and runs down the road back to its house. The daughter FINALLY comes out of her house and grabs the pit bull from me and takes it back inside while Elder Patch runs to get the dog. After she takes the dog, I try to help this girl sit down and see where she is bit. She only has one bite mark on her leg and only one puncture wound from that mark. But she is worried about her dog so she hobbles to go get it back. We help her to her house and after I run back to grab her bag because she had dropped it. When I get back to this girls house her mom tells me that she has called the cops so we had to wait for them to show up. While we are waiting for them to arrive we start talking to them about who we are and the church and share the restoration with them! Needless to say we got 2 new investigators and lost one because of this crazy incident. OH! And I am getting transferred! Not sure where too but I will let you know! Its interesting how Heavenly Father works! I love you all and you are all in my prayers!

Elder Parker Tyler | Ohio Columbus Mission | 2014-2016

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