Hola Family!

Another week has come and gone! holy beans! when P-day ends the next one always seems so far away and then it sneaks up on us before I know it! Cray cray stuff right derr.

Okay story time because I’m sure you are dying to hear about the story of the subject because let me tell you! its a good one! So This weekend was stake conference! The missionaries had been asked to sing at the Priesthood Leadership Session. So we sang at the session and after it we when to the apartment of the other elders in our ward to grab something to eat before we went to the adult session! (The other elders are on bikes so we had picked them up.) WE WERE IN THERE APARTMENT FOR 30 MINUTES and when I walked out the front door of their apartment and the car was GONE! STRAIGHT UP GONE! At first I thought one of the other elders had moved it but then I realized I HAD THE KEYS! So I yelled in and I was like "The car is gone!" and the other elders were like "yeah yeah very funny" I said "No! Come look!" To make turn bad to worse, the other Elders bikes were on the back of our car and our cell phones were left in the car! lol @ us! Elder Eldredge and I could not stop laughing and we didn’t know why! Because it was bad news but it was just so funny! Elder Wright on the other hand was not so happy about it. So we asked a little kid riding his bike around the complex what happened to our car and he said it got towed! So we asked a neighbor to borrow their phone to call our vehicle coordinator and he said we had to pay to get it out ourselves. -_- AND I guess in the apartment contract, which we NEVER see, It says that we weren’t supposed to park where we were parked after 5 unless we had a permit. (which we didn’t) So we got a ride to get from another neighbor to go get our car and we had to pay $109 CASH to get our car out. -_- Luckily we had that so we payed it and went to the last 30 minutes of stake conference!

I learned something from this experience. Sometimes life throws us these crazy curve balls and there is nothing we can do about it. No one person was really at fault here. Yeah we can go around saying well "If the tow truck guy didn’t tow it" or "If we were told about the parking rule." But that’s just pointing fingers and blaming someone. What IS up to us, is how we react to the situation. In my case I just laughed at myself and my situation and then went about solving the problem! Which kept me in a good mood even in the midst of a trial! Or I could have been like my companion (Love you buddy ^_^) who became mad and upset and frustrated about the situation which ultimately led to him being like this the rest of the night. There is also a 3rd option. You can look at the situation as a blessing. If the car hadn’t been towed maybe we would have gotten in a wreck on the way back to stake conference. Maybe in the wreck someone died. The truth is we don’t know, but God does. Situations like these happen to us all the time that could easily be keeping us safe from other more dangerous situations. This is why I LOVE President Uchtdorf’s talk from this past conference, Grateful in Any Circumstances, Where he talks a lot about how we can and should be grateful for all the situations in our lives, good or bad! I am grateful for trials in my life and how when we get through them, with the help of Jesus Christ, we can look back on them and see how they have blessed us! Love you all!

Elder Parker Tyler | Ohio Columbus Mission | 2014-2016

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