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Things are going well! I don’t have a lot of time because things have been crazy! Nothing really exciting happened this week though so I will just leave you with my testimony!

It is amazing to see my testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ grow! I know without a doubt in my mind that this is the true church. The more I study the scriptures and the gospel the more everything just makes sense and fits together! I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve a mission and even though I miss everything and everyone terribly there isnt a place that I would rather be than on my mission! I love you all and Congrats to Grady and Ceara! Ceara, welcome to the family! Love you both!


‚ÄčThe 4 Elders of the Marble Cliff Ward getting a ride in a jeep to the Ward Memorial Day Breakfast!

Elder Parker Tyler | Ohio Columbus Mission | 2014-2016

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