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The Lord’s Hand In All Things

Oh boy what a week! Or week and a half I guess!This week I have seen several times the protection and guidance by the Holy Ghost.

Last Tuesday we got in our car to drive to the local food pantry to do service! As we started driving we heard and felt the left side tire start to shake and rattle. We drove a couple of miles with it and then pulled over to get out and check the tires. When we checked them we found that ALL of the lug nuts on the left side of the car were finger loose! It was obvious that someone had tried to steal our tires or tried to get us to wreck. With the lug nuts being that loose the tires could have easily fallen off and killed us! I was grateful that this did not happen and that we were protected and kept safe.

A few nights ago, we went to an investigators house, with a member, to go teach a lesson. When we got inside the 3 of us all felt like something was wrong but we all just thought it was us so we didn’t say anything about it. Elder Wright suggested to the investigator that we pray to help invite the spirit. As we did this two police officers knocked on the door. They had knocked on the wrong door but while they were talking to the investigator Elder Wright turned to me and said “Do you feel that?” I responded to him “Yes I think we need to leave.” “Me too.” He said. We got up to leave and we left with a prayer with the investigator (We always do). As we were praying I felt the urgency to leave increase. After the prayer we quickly drove away, and as we left the neighborhood a feeling of peace came upon all 3 of us. As we talked about it on the way to take the member home, I mentioned how I felt like one of us would have gotten hurt if we stayed and then an overwhelming feeling of gratitude overcame me because we had been protected and guided away from danger.

I know that as we listen to those promptings of the Spirit we are guided and protected. Not only for just protection but we can be guided as to who we can assist with our talents. I have really been learning how to recognize and act on those promptings of the Spirit, regardless of how crazy they may seem or sound! I know that the Lord will bless us and keep us safe as we talk those steps of faith to listen to even the smallest promptings! As we show Him that we trust Him, He will bless us! He wants to bless us! He loves us! I love you all! Be safe and I hope all is well!
‚ÄčOur Zone Fun Day today! “The Hunger Games!”

Elder Parker Tyler | Ohio Columbus Mission | 2014-2016

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