Trials Before the Witness

Aloha everyone! (My inbox was full of hellos in different languages so I wanted to fit in. xP) This week has been quite an interesting week! It has been really tough! Basically all of our appointments for the week fell through and Elder Wright and I were just struggling in general! But I have learned a few things.

We had some training this week about "Our breaking point" after we were done with the training we felt awful. But as I have pondered it I have learned a few things. First off is we can go a whole lot further than we think we can. Sometimes during planning I look at our empty planner for the next day and think "THERE IS SOOOO MUCH TIME WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO WITH IT ALL!?!" And it kind of gets me down! But I break it down. I put in the things I have to do like exercising and studies and then focus on just one half hour! As I do this I start thinking "30 minutes thats easy! I can find something do for 30 minutes!" and before too long the day is planned up! This can be applied with everything! when the journey is beginning to get tough you just take it one day, one hour, one minute at a time! and before long! You are done and you are able to look back and see the progress you have made.

We have a saying here that we use all the time and it helps me keep my perspective. "Trial Before the Witness" meaning, we aren’t going to receive the blessings before we do the work, before we overcome something, and its just when you think you can’t take one more step, that the Lord gives you that momentum to go! Just like the story from Elder Bednar’s talk last conference how putting a load in the back of the truck gives it the traction to go! The Lord will not forsake us in in our time of need, We need to take those steps of faith to show Him that we trust in Him and God’s plan for us!

While I’ve been out here I have come to look at faith as more of an action word rather than a noun. Our faith should make us act! It should make us want to do whatever it takes to come closer to God! I saw this happen in one of my investigators, Lamar, 2 Saturdays ago he was saying how he wasn’t even sure there was a God and that he would rather bet on there being one than not. We challenged him to pray every night before church the following week. Last Saturday when we met before we even talked to him we could tell something had changed. He was smiling and loads happier than he was the week before! He was so excited to tell us he prayed every night this week and how he saw the change it made and how happy he was! He said he knew there was a God and that He wanted to still be baptized. It was such a good experience and testimony builder to me to see God’s hand in my life and others lives as well. I want to leave you with this quote from Elder Zivic’s talk in the April 2014 Ensign called "The Blessings of Perseverance"

"…hearing the words of President Pinegar was like hearing the voice of our Heavenly Father saying, “I love you, I sustain you, I am with you. Don’t give up. Repent and persevere on the path I have shown you. If you do, I promise you that we will see each other again in our heavenly home.”

This quote gives me strength to carry on in the work even when life gets tough! I know this work is the Lord’s work and I am so grateful for the chance I have to finally serve the people of Ohio! I love you and miss you all, and you all are in my prayers!

Elder Parker Tyler | Ohio Columbus Mission | 2014-2016

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