I am a little short on time but here is the run down! haha I will write more on monday when pday isnt on transfers!

Things are going well! Lamar came to church on sunday and loved it! He is really progressing. We went on an exchange with the zone leaders, Elder Cutler and Elder Clark. They are both solid guys and I learned a lot from them both! I encountered my first Bible basher as well! He was nice for the most part but he was saying that we were being deceived and that he would pray that we we would see the truth. Earlier in the day we watch the mormon message by elder holland called “The Testimony of the Book of Mormon” and that just kept playing in my mind the whole time he was talking to us, and I just kept thinking that there is NO was the Book of Mormon is NOT true. Anyways I gotta go with it being transfers and such but I love you all and will write more later! 

Elder Parker Tyler | Ohio Columbus Mission | 2014-2016
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