One Month and One week in!

Has it really been that long!?!?! In a way it feels like I’ve been here fooorrrreeeevvvverrrrrr but in another way time has FLOWN BY! I dunno how else to describe it! This week was so good!
April 7th, 2014

Last P-day we had a lesson with Lamar. He had expressed some concerns about feel like all we did was come around to preach to him which was no bueno! So we told him about ourselves a little more and that we would love to do things with him! like play soccer and other things like that! and that got him warmed up again!

April 8th, 2014

Today I forgot to write in my journal so I cannot for the life of me remember what we did! xP bahaha ooooopss! xP We helped at the food pantry though!

April 9th, 2014

Today we had a Zone Meeting! We talked about getting re-excited about or areas and set some goals to help us get on it! That was reallllly good! After we had an exchange with my father/One of my first companions/assistant boss man Elder Kujanpaa! That was really fun and he showed us how to do work it! Tonight we had a lesson with an investigator who has been an investigator for a loooonnngggg time, he isn’t able to be baptized yet because of some restitution things, which is why he hasn’t but we are helping him and keeping that desire to be baptized. He is a really good guy and is better than a lot of members! After that we went over to Lamar’s with Elder K. who is a big soccer fan to play some soccer with us! We talked with him a little bit about the word of wisdom as well, he doesnt see a need for it but baby steps!

April 10th, 2014

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATIA!!! Today we taught an investigator name Tiffani who is a single mother with 5 kids! She is amazing and is going to school for business so she can open her own restaurant!

April 11th, 2014

Today we had Interviews with President and Sister Nilsen! Sister Nilsen asks how we are doing physically and emotionally and President Nilsen talks to us about how we are doing spiritually! While the other companionships are getting interviewed we are getting training! This time we were being taught how to incorporate Mormon Messages and the Bible Videos into our lessons! We have been using them soo much they work wonders! After that we went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders! I went with Elder Clark! It was a lot of fun!

April 12th, 2014

Holy busy day! We did service out the wazoo! First we helped Brother Greenley with his garden! and then we helped the Harmons clean their garage and then we helped a 77 year old lady, who is raising her twin 6 year old grandsons, We helped them clean rake leaves and are going back to help put down mulch! After we went to dinner with a recent convert name Suwoei! He is soo cool! After dinner we met with Shawn again (The guy who can’t get baptized yet) and showed him the Mormon Message, Look Not Behind Thee about Lot’s Wife and talked about no matter what has happened in our past we can make changes to better ourselves! Shawn made the comment that that video was perfect for him and that he needed it!

April 13th, 2014

What an amazing Sabbath Day! We Had Tiffani at church and then we took out a recent convert with us to visit some people! First we got a referral from the website (Someone fills out their info saying they would like a Book of Mormon or the missionaries to stop by.) so we checked that out and at first the guy was like, “I am not interested in religion at all, someone must be pulling a prank on me, Im sorry for wasting your time.” But we continued to talk to him about him and then we started to go into the restoration and we had a book of mormon for him and about halfway through the lesson he was like, “can I have that?” so we were like of course! and by the end of the lesson he was like “I am going to go in and read this right now!” It was awesome! Then we had a lesson with Michelle and her daughter and her two grand daughters! It was really good!

Picture #1

Elder Wright and I having dinner!

Picture #2

Elder Kujanpaa, Elder Wright, and Me!

Elder Parker Tyler | Ohio Columbus Mission | 2014-2016

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