Miracles All Around!

This week my email is going to be a little different haha! but to start off I have been meaning to send this tidbit of information home but I keep on forgetting! CARR FAMILY!!!! THERE IS WAFFLE HOUSES ALL OVER THIS STATE!!! I AM IN HEAVEN!!! except my companion doesn’t like them so I haven’t been there yet… -_- BUT fear not! it will happen! haha!

Okay so I am emailing in gratitude because I have been blessed so much this past week and it has been incredible to see what faith, hard work and listening to the spirit can do!

Okay so we went to go ask our apartment owner to have someone get our carpets cleaned but when we went in we could tell something was wrong and so we talked to her and asked her if there was anything we could do to help and she told us that we could help by going around and just picking up the big pieces of garbage around the complex so the lawn people didn’t mow it, so we said a prayer with her before we left and we went and did it! It was really good actually! We met a couple that loves meeting with us so that was good! but anyways when we were all done and throwing the garbage into the dumpster a car drove by and dumbed tons of garbage out all over the road and at us. It was super frustrating so we went into our apartment and I saw a letter from Grandma Georgia that I hadn’t read yet and it brought me just the comfort that I needed! it was perfect!

Miracle number 2 for the week!

We were out teaching saturday night when we got a call from some sisters in a different area who had a member who was visiting someone while in prison and while she was there who had just gotten out for not paying a parking ticket, so she did, and on there way she basically taught him the whole plan of salvation and this big guy with tattoos just broke down in her car crying and told her that that was what he had been looking for! He really wanted to turn his life around and start taking care of his family! And he really wanted to come to church the next day (Easter Sunday) so by this time it was 11 pm at night and everyone we could get ahold of wouldn’t take him because we hadn’t met him (Which is understandable but I HAD talked to him on the phone) and so during my bedtime prayers I asked for Heavenly Father to help know who to ask who would be able to take him to church and before I could even finish my sentence a name popped in my head that wouldn’t leave. So I didn’t know whether to text or call because it was 11 pm at night. So I sent him a text and instantly he responded and said he could take him. I was so humbled and happy I had listen to those promptings! It was a HUUUGE blessing!

I love you all and I am so grateful for you all! OOOOH Bekah, and Kacy email me and/or write me please! Thanks love you byyeeeee

Elder Parker Tyler | Ohio Columbus Mission | 2014-2016

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