Fun stuff to do!

Okay! 2 Items of business to attend to!

ONE! I want you all to send me a letter of your favorite memory of us AND your favorite photo of us! and Mail it to this address: (Because transfers are coming up)

19 Clairedan Drive
Powell, OH 43065

TWO! We have received this VERY important document and I need all that it applies to to print it off fill it out and send it back! Soon! 🙂 😉

Application to Date RM

(I know I still have 23 months left but I this is gonna be fun! Give it to cute FEMALE (I’m sure Im going to be tired of dudes by the time 2 years are up) roommates, friends, siblings, etc. and have them fill it out and mail it to the same address!)

Thats all I have! okay love you all byyyyeeeee!

Elder Parker Tyler | Ohio Columbus Mission | 2014-2016

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