March 15th Part 2!

Sorry had to run and go to a youth activity that I was helping with! It was really cool! They had 12 guys all dressed up in Boom of Mormon Hero outfits and they were walking around the gym that was decorated like the Book of Mormon city of Bountiful, and they were giving people 5 clues about who they were and you had to guess who they were! that was pretty cool! and then they while people were doing that they flashed the lights and played thunder sounds and made it dark and such and then they had the audio scriptures of 3 Nephi where Christ starts speaking to the people of the Americas and then they had Christ appear! That was pretty cool and then they had President Nilsen bear his testimony of Christ! after we did that we helped out with a "Mormon Mythbusters" class President and Sister Nilsen did for some of the youth where we talked about some of the things that the youth get asked about at school! After we did that we went back to our apartment and knocked on some more doors around there and we got 2 yes 2! new investigators set for meetings next Saturday! Except I got word that I am most likely going to my own area now on monday! (SAD DAY!) I have to experience transfers already! AHHHH!!! 🙁 Its only been 4 days and I don’t want to leave! boo! Oh whale. If thats where the Lord needs me that away I go! And after this we are going home and trying to be in bed by 10:30! hopefully we make it! Probably not! bahaha Hasn’t happened once! xP

anyways Love you all! I pray for you all daily!

-Elder Tyler

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