hahaha just kidding! Well kind of! bahaha I’ll explain later! Things are really really good! I am just going to copy my journal post for a little bit to give you all a run down!

March 11th

My flight from SLC to Phoenix was delayed because one of the engines wouldnt start, which almost made me miss my flight from Phoenix to Columbus! BUT I barely made it! When I got to Columbus nobody was there to pick me up because they were told I had missed my flight and that I was coming it at 9:45 that night! hahahah oooops So I used a pay phone and called the mission office and I told them I was there! So they said they’d send someone my way! Elder Kujanpaa and Elder Nygren (The Assistants) came and picked me up and I went with them to their dinner appointment at a members home (The Dean’s, Cory and Matt) After we went to set up an appointment with an investigator Rick, he is a pretty good guy, more on him in a moment! after that we went to the mission office for them to do some AP things!

March 12th

HOLY MERCIFUL HEAVENS! Today was exhausting! BUT It was still very good! Started the day with a 2.5 mile run! and dang did it kick my butt! I am sooooo out of shape! bahaha gotta love it! Then we went back to the mission office to do some new mission stuff! After we went to a district meeting where I saw Sister McIntyre from good ol Stansbury! It was nice to see a familiar face! After I finally went to the mission home and met President and Sister Nilsen! What amazing people they are! When we were there he said he felt I should remain with the APs for some time until he figured out what to do with me! After we went grocery shopping which was good so I could get some food! haha then we hurried and dropped them off and then and had a lesson with Rick! It went okay, it made me realize how I really needed to get back in the swing of things! The APs have really been helping with that which I am so grateful for! after that we went and knocked some doors for a bit and then went to our dinner appointment and ate with the Cook family! They were really nice! After we went and gave a sister missionary a blessing and then the APs did some paper work!

March 13th

Today was sooooo much better than yesterday! We started working on my new missionary training and that has helped lift my spirits, I was having a really hard time feeling the spirit because that dadgum satan has been really using my past to get down on me! But today was amazing! I seriously could not ask for better people to train me! Today was pretty slow but still good! we went contacting at the local Kroger makes things easier haha that was good! we met a guy named Tyris who we just got to know and just talked to! We got his number and we are setting up a Meetinghouse tour with him and his family! Later we went to dinner with our bishop, Mark Russell, He used to play for the Seahawks! anyways he took us to a Thai food restaurant where we got Coconut Chicken Curry that was soooooo goood! yuuum! After that he took us to an ice cream place that had some of the best ice cream ever! Its all slow churned and homemade!

March 14th

Today was even better than yesterday oh my holy hannah! We went to a New missionary training at OSU, that was for all the new missionaries that had been out for 3 weeks or less. It was definitely a good experience there were 4 workshops that we rotated through, first one was the OSU missionaries took us out contacting on campus (except it is spring break, WHOOPS!) and the second group we practiced transitioning from companion to companion during the lessons, the Third one was really good Sister Nilsen taught it and she basically just asked us how we were doing and made it really rather calming haha, the 4th one was about how to make friends with people which was good too! After the training we ( The APs, and 2 other sets of missionaries) had lunch with President and Sister Nilsen, and that was fun! After we went out and tried to do some service for people. But nobody would really let us so that was rather frustrating but then after we went and contacted in our own apartment complex and we found a new investigator! His name is Kyle and he was telling how he knew there was a God because it didnt make sense how molecules could just magically come together and make life! But he said he has never been to church but he was very interested in learning more! We basically taught him the first lesson on his doorstep and talked for about 20 minutes, and left him some scriptures to read!

Today, March 15th

Today has been even better than yesterday, I know I just said that but still! Right before the alarm went off this morning Elder Kujanpaa, or Elder K as we call him, yells “If I could get everyone to look up here!! You will now call me Snowflake!” It was the funniest thing ever because we were all asleep, including Elder K, and so we didnt know what was going on hahaha! Then today during companion study we were reading and discussing 1 Nephi 13 where it talks about Great Britain (Mother Gentiles) and the Revolutionary War. That was pretty cool! Love you all! I will write more later!


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