This week was really good. I am still trying to adjust to everything but each day is better.

March 17th (Continued)

After I emailed home we went to the zoo with the Greenly Family. He is the ward mission leader and is really cool! After the zoo we went to the mission office to get my bike situation all sorted out! (Yes Mom and Dad I did get my bike) after we got my bike (Its really nice by the way thank you!) When we got home we had dinner and then went to a members house (The Smiths) to print something off for district meeting. My companion told me that Brother Smith wasn’t a member and had me convinced since Sunday that he wasn’t a member! (He really was a member) Oy Vey!

March 18th

This morning we went to the food pantry and did some service there for a few hours. It was really nice to get out and serve some people! After we went on an exchange with the Marble Cliff 1 Elders. That is a bike area (We are a car) so I got to break in my new bike! Rides like a Cadillac! Woo doggy! They didn’t have any appointments set up so we just tracked their area all day. I was with Elder Eldredge We went by a house that exploded last Saturday! it was crazy gone! I Also got cussed at for my first time! THAAAAT was exciting! hahaha

March 19th

Today we had district meeting, which was amazing it was awesome to meet everyone in our district! We talked about asking inspired questions and did some role playing! After we did that we went and biked around our area (We are almost out of miles for the month because the Elder I replaced had a lot of doctors visits he had to go to.) with no real luck there. oh well! after we went to a dinner appointment with the Thielets. They took us to a place called Donatos. Its a pizza place and it was reaaaallllyyyy good! haha.

March 20th

Today was a lot better! haha We met with a guy who just got baptized last week who had some concerns so we helped him out with that! After doing that we had a lesson that we set up with a guy name Shawn but we ended up teaching his brother and grandma! His grandma had stopped me when I went to check the mail and asked why we didn’t come by anymore so I set up an appointment with her! It went super well! His brother could have been more interested! Later that day we went to Correlation meeting with the Greenly’s. Today we biked like 7 miles! good exercise!!

March 21st

Today we had Weekly planning which can take a few hours so that was a party! haha after we met with an investigator just to introduce me to her. Later we went and visited a brother in our ward, Brother Beatty with Cerebral Palsy. He lives on his own but is in a later stage of it. He is super smart and has written a few books! It was good to visit him because my spirits were a little down because we had been getting rejected a lot and so it was good to talk to a man with such an amazing spirit about him!

March 22nd

Today we met with Shawn and his brother Lamar and his grandma again. Holy cow Lamar is on fire! He believes and accepts everything we are teaching him and can feel and recognize the spirit. Today we taught him about the Book of Mormon and the Spirit World (He had a question about it). After we taught them we went to the ward talent show and met some of the members and after we cleaned the church!

March 23rd

What a Sabbath day! Such a good day full of highs and lows but still such a good day! We started they day and went to church. After church we met with a lady and her family who was raised in the church but just got busy with work and life. She invited us to come back on Tuesday. After that we met with Lamar and Grandma again. Taught him about the restoration and Joseph Smith and we invited him to be baptized and he accepted! After that we quickly ate dinner and went to go to a lesson but the investigator cancelled because she wasnt feeling well.

That’s all for this week! I love you all and I will try responding to all your emails!

Also I have uploaded my pictures here!

Elder Parker Tyler | Ohio Columbus Mission | 2014-2016

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